According to the EU Waste Directive (SCIP) chemical substances that are harmful to humans and the environment shall be phased out.
Articles containing >0.1% by weight of any substance on the candidate list are regulated by the REACH Directive.
It is mandatory to indicate whether any products are subject to the information obligation of the REACH Directive. And this is done by reporting the articles to the so-called SCIP database of the European Chemicals Agency ECHA. By doing so the article will get a SCIP ID.

At WLK we aim to work with suppliers that strives to produce products with lesser impact on the environment. And in our giant product portfolio we today only have a few batteries that are regulated by the REACH Directive. All are NiCd batteries. And here is a list of them:

28001181 Pack – NiCd 5D CON
28001221 Pack-NiCd 3C CON
28001222 Pack-NiCd 4C CON
28002773 Accu-NiCd 3A 55
28002774 Accu-NiCd 5A 55
28002775 Accu-NiCd 4C 55
89800084 Accu-NiCd 3A 50
89800085 Accu-NiCd 4A 50
89800086 Accu-NiCd 5A 50
89800087 Accu-NiCd 5C 50
89800088 Accu-NiCd 6C 50
89800089 Accu-NiCd 55 A4 stick 1×4
89800090 Accu-NiCd 5C 55 stick by stick 2+3
89800092 Accu-NiCd 2A 55
89800384 Accu – NiCd 3B 55
89800385 Accu – NiCd 3B 55
89800388 Accu – NiCd 6C 55
89800389 Pack – NiCd 3D CON
89800390 Pack – NiCd 4D CON
89800391 Pack – NiCd 6D CON
89800706 EM converterPACK BASIC 233 NiCd 50V

REACH documentation from our suppliers